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Riera de la torre 20 Canet de Mar 08360

How to arrive

How to arrive by car?

If you have a GPS search for the exact address: Riera de la Torre 20, 08360 Canet de Mar (Barcelona).

There are 2 access roads to Canet de Mar: the N-II (public highway) and the C-32 (toll motorway). In both cases, you need to follow the direction towards CANET DE MAR CENTRE, drive down until the end through the RIERA GABARRA, follow straight on and pass by the TOWNHALL (Carrer Ample street). Then turn right on the second street called RIERA DE LA TORRE. There you will find us!


On the same street there are 8 free parking spaces, if you are lucky you will find a free space there. If not, there are 2 PUBLIC CAR PARKS very near the hotel and completely free. We will gladly show you where they are, but if you want to find them by yourself, here are addresses are: One is on DRASSANES DELS PLA 2 and the ond other one is on PASSEIG DE LA MISERICORDIA 2.

If you want a covered parking, we can offer you one for 10 euros per day. If you are going to stay longer, the price is lower. There is also an underground car park, but the price is about 20 euros per day.

Any option is just 3 minutes away walking from the MITUS.

By train from Barcelona

From Barcelona you can take the R1 (Rodalies) line in any of the following train stations: Sants, Plaça de Catalunya, Arc de Triomf or Clot Aragó. Take the direction to Blanes/Maçanet and get off in Canet the Mar Station. The trip lasts about 55 minutes. You can check the timetables at the web page of RENFE.

When you arrive at Canet de Mar, turn right from the station and walk about 300 metres. On the 3rd street on the left hand you will find the MITUS.

IMPORTANT! Please be aware that the last train leaves from Barcelona Plaça de Catalunya station at 22.42pm (on Saturdays and Sundays at 22.18pm), so if you need a later transport you can take the night bus. Please check the timetables on the next section (How to arrive by Bus from Barcelona).

If you need to come by train from Girona, Maçanet-Massanes or Blanes, you can look at the previous link to see both the train and the night bus timetables.

The train service between Canet and Barcelona works more or less from 6.00am to 23.00pm during all year and the trips lasts about 50-55 minutes. It costs more or less 3 euros per trip.

How to arrive by bus from Barcelona

During the day there are 2 bus services from Barcelona. Both leave from the Bus Station of ESTACIÓ DEL NORD and leaves you in front of Canet de Mar’s train Station. You can check the timetable in SAGALÉS.

There is a night bus service, which is important because during the night there are no trains, so that is the only way to arrive, apart from the taxi or your own vehicle. The night bus stop in Barcelona is on Ronda de Sant Pere 13-15 (next to Plaça de Catalunya).You can also see the timetables at SAGALÉS web page.

In Canet de Mar, de night bus stop is also located in front of the train station, so you can follow the instructions detailed in the previous section.

How to get here if you arrive by plane to Barcelona - El Prat Airport?

In the T2 there is a train station that will take you to Sants Train Station in Barcelona Centre.

Train: once you are there, you need to take the R1 line train that will take you to Canet de Mar (See section By train from Barcelona).

From the T1 and the T2 you can also take the AEROBUS which goes to PLAÇA DE CATALUNYA. Once you are there, you can take the R1 line train that will take you to Canet de Mar (See section By train from Barcelona).

We recommend you this last option, especially if you arrive at the T1. The trip to Barcelona lasts 20 minutes.

Bus: Every day at the 9:00 am and 14:00 pm leaves one bus from the T2 (free bus service from T1 to T2) to Blanes wich stops in the Canet the mar train station (300 meters from the hotel) at the 10:00 am and 15:oo pm respectively. To return to the airport, every day leave a bus from Canet de Mar train station at 11:00 am and 16:00 pm to the Airport El prat-T2, wich arrives at 12:00 pm and 17:00 pm respectevly (The hours and prices may vary). For more information and for booking tickets

How to get here if you arrive by plane to Girona

There’s no train station at Girona’s Airport, so the best option is to take a bus. There is the bus line COSTA BRAVA SUD / MARESME which stops at Canet de Mar. Please check the timetable at SAGALÉS web page. There is also another bus line that takes you to Mataró, and from there you can get here by train (4 stops).

If you arrival time and the bus times don’t match up, you can take a taxi from the airport to Canet. The distance is about 45 Km.and the taxi will cost about 80 €. If you are 3 or 4 persons it will cost the same as if you would take the bus.